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by Anna Kopito | 05.10.14

I was forever doodling on my arms and legs when I was younger – trying to figure out just the right shape to get permanently inked on my skin. But I could never commit, I could decide on one thing – so I got the next best thing – fake tattoos. Come the summer holidays I would be covered in various press-on patterns and shapes from pirate ships to huge, glittery love hearts. The problem was, the fake tattoos I could find in toy shops and vending machines just weren’t very cool and as I got older (and cooler) my love of fake tattoos never died, but I struggled to find anything I liked. It turns out that illustration artist Shira Barzilay had the same problem – only she had the creative intuition to do something about it.

Tel Aviv based Shira Barzilay studied fashion design at Shenkar college but after graduating, turned her focus to illustration and visual design. Shira has now turned her monochromatic, sweet and on trend images into temporary tattoos. From paper airplanes to watermelons, Shira has turned contemporary design into temporary fun.

Shira’s brand Koketit is based on a coquettish french girl character worked up in her sketchbooks and is now becoming the face of her company. Now Shira is pushing Koketit to the forefront of her brand and expanding her product range all the way from plates to fashion catalogues and illustrated maps. Koketit is even now following on in the grand footsteps of high fashion brands before her and doing a collaboration with H&M. This H&M collaboration is part of their conscious denim range – a range of jeans to suit every style and shape of the season but in a denim which uses materials that when washed and whilst in production, have a low impact on the environment. Shira Barzilay has style and a conscience – move aside Hello Kitty, Koketit is in town.

Koketit is about to launch a collaboration with H&M on October 6th. Otherwise you can buy Not Forever Tattoos from Koketit.com or Sarah Braun – Dizengodd 162 and Banker – Dizengoff 210 instore for 29.99 shekels for a set of 2.

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This post was produced by Itay Blaish and written by Francesca Kletz


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