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by Telavivian | 29.03.17

Written by Marissa Shapiro


Two of the newest cultural powerhouses in Tel Aviv, LaCulture and A5 Magazine, are joining forces to do what they do best: elevate the work of young artists into the purview of local art aficionados—opening doors for collectors with champagne tastes on a beer budget.

This collaboration is in celebration of the magazine’s 15th issue and promises to show the work of nearly 100 young artists, selling pieces for no more than 500NIS. Held at the municipally backed art gallery and cultural house Mazeh 9, the single weekend event was curated by David Pearl and founded by Itay Blaish.

The theme of this LaCulture exhibition and A5 magazine is ‘Island’, a single word that can be pushed in thousands of different directions by inquisitive and attuned artistic minds.

תום רזניקוב, 2015, פרח, קולאז׳ מחשב ורפידוגרף, 400 שח

תום מרשק, 2016, 14.5.16, פילם35ממ, 500 שח

רתם שמואלי 2015 ללא כותרת הזרקת 450 דיו על נייר

עדי אנגלהרד, 2016, שקית 2, הדפס רשת, 350 ש״ח

נועה גופר, 2016, פוג׳י, הדפס לינולאום ועפרונות, 500 שח

דר לאור, 2014, U-BAHN, רפרודוקציה דיגיטלית של דפוס רשת, 350 שח

איציק מור, 2017, untitled#33, gelatin silver print , 270 שח

Itzchik Mor, Untitled #33. Gelatin silver print, 2017.

אולה גליקין, 2009,קונכיות, הדפס משי עם עיבוד דיגיטלי, 350 שח

Dafna_Aizenberg_2013_ nowhere land_sizeunknownyet_160nis


Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv 
Visiting Hours: Thursday March 30 6:00pm – 11:00pm, Friday March 31 11:00am – 5:00pm, Saturday April 1 11:00am – 8:00pm
LaCulture: | Facebook | Instagram: @laculturetlv
A5 Magazine: |  Facebook | Flickr | Instagram: @a5magazine


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