Labour of Love

by Eyal de Leeuw | 30.04.15

Tali Kushnir is a central junction for the Tel Aviv fashion scene. She is a passionate collector who owns a remarkable fashion archive (with rare pieces from the iconic Maskit and other brands), she owned the legendary vintage shop “The Underground” (closed in 2012) and until recently she was a personal assistant to prolific Israeli designer Dorin Frankfurt, who became her mentor.
Combining her experience and passion Kushnir has devoted the recent year to create her own path in the fashion industry. Her debut collection “Blue Collar” is influenced by workwear silhouettes from various periods in history. The collection is unisex and will not change every season. The idea is to create wearable cloths that can fit all year, every season. The first capsule collection will be joined, throughout the year, with more complementing pieces.

In addition the collection is a result of an in-depth cultural research into two artistic styles: social realism and socialist realism (both have resemblance to each other in style but utterly different in ideology). You can see samples of Kushnir’s inspiration board in the tumblr account dedicated to the collection and feel the artistic influence in the photos of the collection, taken by Berlin based photographer Izabela Mac Van.

mac_van_kushnir_07 mac_van_kushnir_13 mac_van_kushnir_14  mac_van_kushnir_16 mac_van_kushnir_17 mac_van_kushnir_21
Photographer: Izabela Mac Van
Make up: Ayelet Shimoni
Models: Shiri Goren, Yoav Hirsch

Good luck T.K!



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