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As part of the 15th annual Venice Biennale, the Israel Pavilion presents LifeObject, a groundbreaking merge between the fields of biology and architecture. Curated by six renowned architects and seven teams comprised of both scientists and architects, LifeObject examines our natural world’s distinct architectural code, borrowing from biology in order to re-examine our own built world.


While abandoning the dichotomy between man-made and naturally occurring structures, the exhibition presents various examples of how we, as a collective, can advance architecturally through the study and understanding of the natural world.


Redefining the relationship between humans and our environment, the exhibition examines entities such as the humble bird’s nest. In this particular project, the team’s scientists and architects have translated the nest’s resilient properties into architectural form.


Through the examination of entities such as bacteria, microorganisms, and various natural processes, the quantitative and qualitative data produced has been used to address the most pressing contemporary environmental and social concerns facing us today.


Additional projects address the degradation of coastal cliffs, building with more sustainable materials such as nanocellulose, and pioneering the concept of bio-smart cities.

LifeObject, Israel Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia 2016 | Facebook |Instagram


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