Little Street – the new brand in town

by Roza Sinaysky | 06.05.15

Yesterday after much planning I finally had the pleasure of visiting the studio of “Little Street” – a new Tel Avivian brand that recently caught my attention. Lital Peles David, the woman behind the brand, took some time to explain the vision behind the new collection and how she got into fashion in the first place.

Little Street

While Lital was studying for her masters in child’s psychology she realized that fashion is a bit more than just a hobby for her. Right then and there she she decided to leave psychology behind and started procuring a career in fashion and enrolled to a fashion design degree.

Little Street

“The current collection wasn’t an easy one” says Lital, “I had to shut down to the outside world to create it, I didn’t want to be exposed to too many inspirations or references. It was important that this collection really comes from within so I tried to isolate myself in my own little bubble”.

Little Street

Lital and her clients appreciate layers but as the Israeli summer gets cruel (very hot that is), it’s hard to wrap up in them. Lital created garments such as t-shirts, dresses and light cardigans all in which the layers are already sewn in, like this yellow top above.

Little Street tav

The black and white element of her designs is essential to her; each season she infuses the collection with a different vibrant color as a contrast to her favorite monochromatic palette.

Little Street tlv

The brush stoke effect is a connecting point of this collection and can be seen on almost every garment, and I now got the t-shirt  version of it.

Little Street TLV
For more on Little Street, visit the Facebook page, or the boutique on Baalei HaMelacha Street 5, Tel Aviv.


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