Labour of Love Child

by Ross Belfer | 29.03.15

Guy Pitchon is a photographer, street artist and skateboarding fanatic based in Tel Aviv. It’s quite rare that I feel compelled to share the photographs and art works of another on the inter-webs, but for this particular occasion, I felt it was necessary.

For those readers without a clue, Guy Pitchon spent the better part of the past two decades traversing the skate parks, city streets and abandoned concrete structures in Tel Aviv and across Israel. Guy’s relentless desire to depict, document, and “artify” those characters and personas in the Israeli skate scene are gorgeously portrayed, blood, guts, et. al., in his newest project, Love Child, a 127-page hardbound book paying homage to the disenchanted skateboarding subculture in which he has been a part of since an early age.


{ Guy Pitchon in Tel Aviv, March 2015 }

In this case, words are rather meaningless, and I won’t bore you with endless banter. It’s best you experience Love Child for yourself. I’ve given a small taste of Guy’s works, below, and more can be seen via www.guypitchon.com. To purchase your very own copy of Love Child, visit www.bawakawa.com/love-child-book.html.


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