MA Designs

by Telavivian | 10.10.17

Written by Natalia Dinsmore

Beautifully minimalistic and geometrically satisfying, MA Designs is one of our favorite studios in Tel Aviv. Their unique collection of furniture, each piece filling space in a graceful and meaningful act, uses simple geometric shapes alongside innovative and technological design. The resulting carpentry is balancing, artful and perfectly practical!

But perhaps the most notable features of MA Designs lies in the most natural aspect of it all. As artistically detailed as the furniture is, the natural quality of the material is not left obstructed or forgotten about. Instead, it is the diverse variety of wood—birch, pine, oak—all skillfully exposed, which become unmistakably central to the artwork. In this way, MA designs builds from the raw and the authentic in order to redefine and assemble new, creative matter.

anat ran2447

anat ran1897

anat ran2746

unnamed-3 | Facebook | Instagram: @studiomadesigns

Photo Credit: Anatoly Michaelo


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