Maya Attoun

by Telavivian | 15.11.17

Written by Estee Balsam

Maya Attoun is a multidisciplinary artist whose works commonly comprise a wide variety of mediums. While drawing is at the heart of her work, Attoun’s installations may be compared to all-encompassing collages created with ‘cutouts’ gathered from reality as well as from her own personal world of imagery.

In her work My Heart is Full of Longing, included in the main exhibition of the Manofim Contemporary Art Festival, Jerusalem, Attoun’s pencil drawing is printed on vinyl and set on a glass window facing Jerusalem. This site-specific piece, like many others by the artist, represents a significant aspect of Attoun’s work; the request to look not only at what is displayed but also beyond it.

Attoun also recently produced a weekly planner and artist book celebrating Frankenstein’s Bicentennial.

2018, artist book & weekly planner, pencil on paper

2018, artist book & weekly planner, pencil on paper

“Milky Way”, 2015, pencil on paper, 20×20 cm

“My Heart is Filled With Longing”, 2017, Vynil window installation

“Abacus”, 2012, linoleum, MDF, 260x8000x20 cm

“Lovers Eye”, 2016, pencil on paper.

“Lovers Eye”, 2016, pencil on paper.

“G-Host”, 2015, neon, plexiglass, 25X50cm, photograpy Mia Gourvitch

“Host”, 2015, drawing & sound installation, photography Mia Gourvitch | Instagram: @mayaattoun


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