Maya Bash / When You’re Old And Lonely You Will Wish You’d Married Me

by hommegrown | 08.01.14

When trying to understand the evolution of Israeli menswear we immediately refer to the 1930s and 1940s – an era when shorts and sandals, of the Hagana soldiers, first met with suits and furs of the fifth Aliyah’s German immigrants. In many ways this indeed was the beginning of fashion in Israel, however, looking at Tel Aviv today, you can hardly see these influences.

A more recent and different culture clash is represented by designer Maya Bash, who immigrated as a child to Israel from the Soviet Union in the big immigration wave of the 1990’s. The contrast of second hand clothing of the communist life and the abundance of fashion in western society, creates a more accurate conception of Israeli fashion.

Though the Russian immigration is often overlooked in regards to fashion, influences can be seen very clearly through Bash’s collection. The notions of old misfit pieces and a dreary, faded colour palette, have, in fact, contributed immensely to the aesthetics of the Israeli fashion scene.

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