Maya Gelfman

by Roseanne Tabachnik | 15.01.17

Since 2006, Israeli artist Maya Gelfman has earned herself a significant reputation in the international art world. The artist, who graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2006, has showcased six solo exhibitions and has garnered a big name in the global street art scene.

The swimmer, Acrylic and industrial markers on paper, 150365 cm, 2014

In 2009, Gelfman broke into the international street art scene with her tangible works combining drawing with yarn on walls. The visual artist is particularly known for interacting with different mediums including her installation work and painting.

The dancing witch, Acrylic, industrial markers and and masking-tape on aquarelle paper, 150213 cm, 2014

Gelfman was also among the few artists selected to participate in the ArtRooms London 2017 art fair from January 20-23. Of the 69 artists in the show, Gelfman is the only artist picked to represent Israel. In recent years, Gelfman was named among the top 10 street artists based in Israel by Paper Magazine, and her work can be found across the five continents. Her pieces were also featured in international art books, including Germany’s Street Messages and France’s Wall, Wall.

קלוז אפ מתוך מיצב 'לאוקונה ובאובו' טכניקה מעורבת (צמר, בד דמוי עור ורקמה ידנית), 80X400X200 סמ, 2016

Maya Gelfman - Laocoona and Baubo 2016

Maya Gelfman - Laocoona detail 2016 | Facebook | Instagram: @mayagelfman


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