by Telavivian | 23.07.17

Written by Zoe Karbe


Moist, the new music video created by Tel Avivian musician Anna Lann and visual artist Jonathan Trichter, tells the story of man’s battle against the untamable fury of wild nature. With rags, ropes, stockings and even mushrooms, this clever imagery shows how the supposed waste and garbage virtually smothers a person in a marble bathtub, proving man’s knack for self-destruction.

The lyrics, ‘How much has gone…Feels like I’m spending time with you’ resembles in a way the doomed relationship between man and nature—a love affair with the bitter mother nature that is nearing its end.

Co-creator Anna Lann—visual artist as well as dancer, composer and director, recently founded her own art collective—‘Penthouss’. This art hub was created together with partner and co-creator Israeli-German artist Jonathan Trichter, who has collaborated with artists such as Riff Cohen and couture fashion designer Hed Mayner.


Facebook | Instagram: @penthouss


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