by Daniela Engelberg | 06.09.17

‘When wood is turned into pallets, those pallets have a very specific purpose. The problem is that once that purpose is served, it’s all over for them’.  Molet started out as a design concept by a group of friends who wanted to expand this cycle. They were building new furniture made from recycled wood, giving these pallets a new purpose. 

Founders Ari Liberson, Eli Saar, Asaf Etzion and Julieta Liberson remind us about the creative things we are capable of doing—and that’s what Molet’s DIY workshops are for. They welcome everyone and anyone who wishes to have a unique piece of furniture, designed and created by yourself.

Molet also works with architects and designers, doing eco-social tailor made projects. Here at Telavivian, we built MOLET number 458 and became part of an amazing community who foster the art of repurposing—you can be next!

MLT stories 04

MOLET janger 02

MLT janger arch b

JANGER bedroom det_0203

JANGER books _0150

MLT green classic

MOLET classic_lr

MOLET classic_kitchen | Facebook | Instagram: @molet_project


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