Moran Kliger

by Telavivian | 11.12.17

Written by Estee Balsam

Moran Kliger produces works, based largely on figurative drawing, with an uncompromising aesthetic. Kliger’s act of drawing is a narrative one, unfolding memories, dreams, fears and desires onto the surface of the paper.

By means of a graphic, illustrative line, the artist arranges her figures in depicted moments that defy any and all definition, yet they create a sense of familiarity and compassion. Through various techniques, she portrays human expressions, gestures and positions inbred with animal characteristics.

In her work, Kliger introduces strength, on the one hand, and vulnerability on the other, blurring the boundaries between that which is perceived as cultured, civilized, and human, and that which is considered to be a more wild, instinctive and animalistic side of human nature.

Primates, openart, Sweden 2017.

Holding 2015, ink and pencils on paper.

Untitled,2013, pastel and Ink on paper.

Untitled 2016, pastel and ink on paper.

Two Wolf, Ink on Paper, 2015.

Gray Wolf, 2011,ink on paper.

Black portrait 2015,ink on paper

Gray Wolf,2011,ink on paper.

Before Dawn(detail) 2016, ink on layers of Japanese preserving paper.

Correspondence (detail) 2007,print on paper

Even If I Fall I Will Be Ok (detail) 2015, Etched Text on painted paper | Instagram: @morankliger


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