Naama Hofman

by Jenna Romano | 02.03.16

Look out for the radiant Naama Hofman! Hofman is an artist & designer who focuses on creating light objects which do not simply emit light, they contain it. Aside from her own commercial products, Hofman also produces art installations and limited additions.

Her unique approach to lighting is minimalist and certain –  for Hofman, this means making the most of her material and creating lasting objects. Without overwhelming the design, Hofman stays curious and is always moving on to a new material with each creation.

Next up for Naama Hofman? The world of ceiling lighting, chandeliers & a new hotel project in Jerusalem.

Naama Hofman Studio,Ben Tzadok 1, Tel Aviv Jaffa |


Light object 004 by Rami salomon

Light Object 004 Photo by Naama Hofman

Light Object 009 _Photo_yael_engelhart

Light Object 012_Photo by Naama Hofman




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