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by Jenna Romano | 28.04.16

In this day and age of visual, technological overload, it’s easy to get carried away and miss the good stuff. That’s why Nephilim Magazine, a paper-back initiative curated by Tel Avivian creative Klone Yourself, is being released.

The first issue, a 44-page limited edition of Nephilim Magazine, embodies high standards. Klone has carefully picked a talented stage of  contemporary artists, photographers, tattoo artists and illustrators straight out of Tel Aviv. Just like the magazine’s name sake “Nephilim” (which refers to “giants” in ancient Hebrew text), the quarterly publication promises to be full of work which we absolutely cannot ignore.

Artists featured in this issue, titled “Golum”:
Dafy Hagai
Ori Toor
Danna Grace Windsor
Zero Cents
Yuta Itskevich
Brothers of Light
Aviya Wyse
Shay Id Alony
Nivi Alroy
Assi Meshullam

The release party for Issue #1 will be held this Saturday at Diego San:
Nephilim Magazine Release, Saturday April 30th at 4PM.
Diego San, Hamashbir 2, Tel Aviv.


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