Niv Ast

by Telavivian | 13.01.17

Written by Zoe Karbe 

“When I was around 10 years old, I had a great conflict: Go and study guitar or, start playing soccer team”, explains Tel Avivian musician, Niv Ast. Fortunately enough, he chose the guitar—and now we get to experience the sounds of this multi-talented musician.


It’s a subtle spookiness in the vocals that immediately grabs the ears and slowly but surely pulls you into the music.  Niv’s music varies between quite a few genres. His song One Time has a funky Mediterranean beat that makes you want to move all over a dance floor, while the track I Don’t Care has a distinctly melancholic tone.

“All of my songs are about a certain feeling in a particular moment”—Niv succeeds in catching these moments in such an elegant manner.

You can look forward to some upcoming releases; a collaborative effort with producer Kalimist as well an EP of remixes Fearless Love Stories.

Be sure to catch the artist in his release show at The Breakfast Club on February 25th. Niv is also preparing for his Europe tour in April. | Facebook | Instagram: @nivast


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