Nivi Alroy

by Telavivian | 07.11.17

Written by Estee Balsam

Nivi Alroy is a Tel Aviv based multidisciplinary artist. Her detailed drawings come to life as she continues to explore creative collaborations with the likes of dancers, musicians, scientists and historians. Initiated frequently by such encounters, the artist’s work is almost always based on long periods of research, resulting in an intricate sculpture, video, sound or animation. Alroy’s installations can be viewed as microenvironments, and although influenced by the worlds of her collaborators, it is her signature style that remains present in each and every piece.

Alroy’s work has been exhibited internationally and she was recently the 2015-16 Hebrew University’s Safra Campus of Mathematics and Life Science visiting artist. An opportunity which allowed for close contact with scientists in various fields of study, and through which she continues to research and develop her questions concerning science, culture and society, and incorporate them into her body of work. | Instagram: @nivialroy

Photos courtesy of the artist.



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