No Fights Under The Disco Lights

by Lotte Beilin | 14.08.17

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From December-September of 2016 Niz Yashar was an exchange student at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. The real experience for the artist happened outside of university, in the contrasting vortexes of domesticated religious neighbourhoods and undomesticated underground parties.

These parties, Niz believes, are the lifeblood of Israeli youth. The reality for a young Israeli is a political, social and economic reality that differs immensely from that of the West making this younger and older party generation somewhat religiously devoted followers of a collective ecstatic experience.

Unlike Niz, Danielle Ben Shushan, a fashion photography student at Hadassa college, was born in Jerusalem and lived her entire life with the constant unpredictability of the city. Danielle also draws attention to the nightlife of Jerusalem in her photography works focusing on the fashion and loud characters within a nameless location that exists on Horkanos Street. A nightclub in the centre of Jerusalem that runs against all odds of its surrounding environment.

Niz Yashar and Danielle Ben Shushan have documented these experiences on DV tapes and photographs that will be shown at Cuckoo’s Nest in Jaffa August 14-August 22. The exhibition will foucus on the immensely overlooked techno scene that exists in Jerusalem today, in the only tech-cave of the city, Horkanos1.

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No Fights Under Disco Lights , Opening Monday,  August 14th  20:00-23:00. Cuckoo’s Nest, Noam St. 3, Jaffa. Click here for the Facebook event.

Photo credit: Danielle Ben Shushan


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