Noa Curiel

by Telavivian | 03.08.17

Written by Leah Sushelsky


There are scores of men and women fresh out of design school competing to be the next hot designer to hit the Tel Aviv market. The competition is fierce, and the pressure is on—but few of these designers are focusing solely on embroidery, like talented Tel Aviv based designer, Noa Curiel.

Curiel studied industrial design at the Holon Institute of Technology and Embroidery at L’ecole L’esage in Paris, and has a fierce love for combining the arts of haute couture and machine embroidery.

If mastering embroidering wasn’t enough of an accolade for Curiel to stand out amongst the designing masses, she has found another business venture to propel her ahead. Curiel was tired of generic t-shirts that are popular souvenirs in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and decided to create something much cooler.

These days, it’s difficult to walk the streets of Tel Aviv and not run into a passerbyer sporting one of her designs. Curiel is without a doubt one to watch and we cant wait to see what she comes up with next!





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Author Leah Sushelsky currently resides in Tel Aviv and is a lover of food, fashion and scouring the world for the best iced coffee. Leah is extremely passionate about all things fitness related. Leah loves the art of storytelling and driving brands through engagement and smart conversations. Leah has over twelve years of experience in writing and public relations and holds a bachelor of arts from Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Photo credit: Jenny Schweber
Model: Tom Koren


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