Noma’s Gefilte Fish Products

by Shani Barzilay | 17.04.16

Who would have thought that Gefilte Fish, the disgraced Jewish Ashkenazi dish, would be the star of a hip line of products? Noma’s designs did the impossible and turned this Jewish symbol into a cool line of pillows, pencil cases, napkin holders, bean bags and other handmade textile products.

עגלת סופר

על הספה

The creator and designer behind this is Noam Levinson, an Israeli Textile Designer and the founder of Noma brand. Noam, a Shenkar graduate, told Telavivan that the idea to create the Gefilte collection appeared in her 3rd year in Shenkar.

She looked to create products that are inspired by her own personality and biography, and most importantly, “to put a smile on people’s faces”. Since then Noam is making textile products filled with humor, staring with the Gefilte line, which was showcased at Asufa’s Israeli design fair and in the Polish food week.

Nir Slakman-2150

Noma will showcase on Monday at the Kuli Alma and between April 24th to 28th at the Comics festival at Nahalat Binyamin.

The the Gefilte Fish cataloge: | Other products and shop:
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צנצנת עם בחוץ


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