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by Telavivian | 05.12.17

As you approach the Now Pottery studio, situated in Sde Warburg (a small Moshav just outside of Ra’nana), you will be greeted by founder Irit Biran alongside green fields and orange trees, breathing in the kind of nature and clean air you can only dream about in the center of Tel Aviv!

“It’s magical, you take a very basic material, and a very ancient technique, and after two minutes you have a plate or a bowl.”

Irit, a former Senior lawyer, decided to dedicate her life and passion to her creative side. Three years ago, she founded Now Pottery, a place where her two passions are melted together: pottery and cooking. Irit occasionally opens her studio to a table sharing experience she calls the ‘Now Gathering’, this way she can combine her passion for creating contemporary ceramics and food in one event.


“This studio is the root to happiness—the awareness of the moment, living in the here and now, it is my personal ‘now’, and it’s all about the mindfulness of everything we do in life.”

That philosophy is perfectly reflected in Irit’s art. Her website includes an online shop where buyers will find modern and beautifully glazed ceramics, food recipes and the latest posts about Now Gatherings. | Facebook | Instagram: @nowpottery

About the Author: Manuela is a Blogger at night and a Hi-Tech-er during the day. Originally from Berlin, Manuella moved to Tel Aviv three years ago, where she discovered her love for photography, urban street art, and writing. Documenting her life and thoughts of living in Tel Aviv in her blog, and Instagram page.

Photo credit:  Manuela Shimberg


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