Oren Fischer

by Telavivian | 13.04.17

Written by Sharon Brand.

Oren Fischer is a Tel Avivian artist whose illustrations, videos and sculptures embrace a child-like art style for a reason. For the past two years, the artist has been working with a language that he created, which includes drawings and texts in his own distinct, naive font. Fischer draws in the Tel Aviv streets in his unique free style, and with this he discusses socio-political issues, romanticizing everyday events.

Recently, Fischer began working with musicians like The White Screen—he takes care of the visual art, costumes, album covers and stage outfits for the band—as well as Red Axes, for whom he is currently designing an album cover and directing a video clip with the crew that discusses Tel Aviv’s underground music scene.

Fischer will be presenting a solo show in early May at Rosenfeld Gallery titled Self Portrait as Self Portrait which will include the artists’ photos and video installations.

"Self Portrait as Sigalit Landau", 2017. Photo by Liran Weisman.

“Self Portrait as Sigalit Landau”, 2017. Photo by Liran Weisman.

"Downtown Tel Aviv", 2017. Photo by Itamar Oren

“Downtown Tel Aviv”, 2017. Photo by Itamar Oren.

From the album White Screen Band.

From the album White Screen Band.

From the album "White Screen Band".

From the album White Screen Band.

Instagram: @orenfischer

Author Sharon Brand is a communications student at IDC Herziliya and founder of


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