Ouzo Bazooka

by Telavivian | 20.03.16

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Psychedelic Ouzo Bazooka is a cool and dizzying new TelAvivian band. Their unique appetite for the exotic Middle East and classic garage rock has successfully crafted a winning formula for their complete zen-kicking album – SIMOOM.

The sound of SIMOOM aims to translate the local Tel Avivian melting pot in which it was recorded. Lead singer Uri Brauner Kinrot is a prolific and established singer-songwriter. Kinrot reigns not only in the very confines of this surfed-up rock album, but also on a wider international stage.

Bringing past conquests to this current endeavor, remnants of Eastern Europe, India, Africa and Eastern Asia are all jam-packed in Ouzo Bazooka’s music. Their new album SIMOOM will be releasing on April 1st!

Be sure to check them out: | Facebook

Written by Charli Poster
Photo credit: Baranga Elad Artistic director: Gal Melnick


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