by Bam Miller | 28.08.16


‘Offering fine views’ quite simply is what Penthouss does. Creatives Anna Lann and Jonathan Tritcher established this unique platform to stand alone, for other independent creatives to express themselves, in their rawest form. Whether it is music, couture and fine art or photography… this is a place for the ultimate artistic collaboration.


Anna Lann, a Latvian born but Tel Avivian based is a musician, composer, producer and DJ –and she has teamed up Jonathan Tritcher, a video director. They envision Penthouss as a platform that will not only facilitate artists showcasing original content but also their own individual growth. For example, Anna is soon to release her 2nd and 3rd EP’s, where we can see original video clips created via Penthouss.


Penthouss is a platform based on integrity and fresh flair, celebrating and creating quality content.  Keep up with them to satisfy your inner eye.

Facebook | Instagram: @penthouss 


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