Photographers Taking Photos of Photographers

by Jenna Romano | 18.02.16


Photographers love capturing the essence of their subjects with a click of their camera. But how often does someone do the same for the photographer? Photographers Taking Photos of Photographers is just that – an exhibition which captures the artists behind the lens. This recent collaboration between Luxvision, Etenia Barcelona and The Print House will exhibit freestyle photographs which ten of the top Israeli photographers – Ilit Azoulay, David Adika, Gaston Zvi Ickowicz, Yael Efrati, Michal Bar Or, Anna Yam, Ohad Matalon, Yair Barak, Rami Maymon, Ronit Porat – took of each other.

Photographers Taking Photos of Photographers will be held at The Print House in Tel Aviv, an inspiring establishment of Israel’s leading artistic photographers who live, breathe and create art. They support projects by making a home for artists and their work. All sales from this exhibition will be used for the production of students’ photo projects!

Visit this weekend. Opening hours: February 19-20, 11.00-14.00. 
The Print House, Hamano’a St. 14. Tel Aviv, 03-6855362.

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