Tali Kushnir by Yuval Regev | 22.07.16


Tali Kushnir is one of Tel Aviv’s first and most prominent vintage collectors who used to be the owner of the iconic vintage clothing store “Hamachteret”. In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcast, Kushnir talks about her one of a kind Israeli clothing collection, dating back to the early 20th century. She explains how clothing can tell the story of a nation and reflect on the values and trends of each period in its development.

After closing her store in 2011 Tali started working alongside one of Israeli’s top fashion designers – Durin Frankfurt. Last year she designed and launched her first independent clothing line: Blue Collar, inspired by vintage Israeli styles.

“I’m a young person that is interested in an older look. I’m not interested in looking young and I don’t get stressed out from every white hair or wrinkle, on the contrary. Older people appreciate my clothing. They come from a time when it was really important to get dressed when you leave the house, look proper and present yourself in a certain way.”

Photo by Izabela Mac Van.

(Coproduction: Mariia Malakh)

Vardit Gross by Yuval Regev | 14.06.16


Vardit Gross was declared by Time Out Tel Aviv as one of the 100 most influential people in Israeli culture. She is a curator, a producer and an art critic, who spent six years as the main art correspondent for Yediot Ahronot. In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, Vardit touches on an array of topics regarding Tel Aviv’s bustling art scene.

Gross is currently the director of Artport, an art center and residency program based in south Tel Aviv. “Tel Aviv’s south where art is happening now,” she explains. “Cultures are meeting in south Tel Aviv. On the street you can find a hipster artists, a refugee and a Palestinian, it gives you the feeling of normality; like Israel can be a place where everyone just lives together and works together.”

Vardit has spent much of her life writing about art and curating it. When asked about the feeling of art being a “high class bubble” she answered:

“People feel detached from the art world because they feel like there is some secret they don’t understand. But once you let go of that, and once you just look and feel, you may discover that it’s not as sophisticated as you think.”

(Coproduction: Mariia Malakh)

Know Hope by Yuval Regev | 17.05.16


Adam Yekutieli is a world renowned visual artists, also known as Know Hope. His works can be found all around the world, dealing with the delicate balance between social, political and emotional issues. In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, hope reflects on empathy, borders, street art, working in public spaces and the accessibility and uniqueness of Tel Aviv.
Hope’s works have studied aspects such as patriotism, nationalism and the refugee crisis, examining political policy as an emotional mechanism.

“If you can understand jealousy, heartbreak and disillusionment, you can understand that they are all tied in with our political situation. If we broaden the political discussion and allow people to participate in it from an intuitive place, we can bypass a lot of problems.”

Coproduction: Mariia Malakh

Lahav Halevy by Yuval Regev | 19.04.16


Lahav Halevi is one of the coolest graphic designers in Tel Aviv. His company, Blue Collar, has done the design for some of Tel Aviv’s most iconic commercial businesses and cultural projects. He also designs for social and political causes.

Raised in Nazareth Illit, Lahav graduated the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and worked in New York during the 90’s. “Tel Aviv is very eclectic and is open 24 hours a day, even more than New York,” he explains. “A mixture of everything has become a very Telavivi feature.”

In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcast, Lahav elaborates on simplicity, aesthetics, and the lack of patience and respect that many young designers have for the past. He also touches on Israel’s political situation, explaining what it’s like to design, create and live in this atmosphere.

“All the walls in my room are white. I see colors all day long so I don’t need to see them before going to sleep.”

Coproduction: Mariia Malakh

Neta Riskin by Yuval Regev | 30.03.16


Neta Riskin is a rewarded Israeli actress, who has played in a large number of Israeli films and TV shows. Most recently, she has played an ultra orthodox mother of six in a very successful Israeli show called Shtisel.

In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, Riskin talks about the conflicts and contradictions that exist within the different roles she has played. She addresses the large gap between Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel and elaborates on the complexity of playing an ultra orthodox role in a “non-sexy” TV drama.

Riskin also tells us about the unique experience of being Natalie Portman’s dialect coach, teaching her how to do an Israeli accent for the Amos Oz film A Tale of Love and Darkness.

“Escapist Tel Aviv has an identity problem. We all carry stories, but the Israeli way of dealing with them is hiding them. In my work I don’t run away from stories – I run towards them.”

(coproduction: Mariia Malakh)

Itamar Weizman by Yuval Regev | 20.03.16


Itamar Weizman is an entrepreneur the сo-founder of Cool Cousin, a travel app that connects users with locals who provide them with personal city maps, tips and secrets. He was also one of the founders of the V15 movement to replace the Netanyahu government in Israel’s 2015 elections.

In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcasts, Weizman talks about the rough process of “loosing the elections” and leaving political activism for Tel Aviv’s start-up sector. He elaborates on Tel Aviv as a “bubble of liberalism and business development” and explains what he believes to be the crisis of the Israeli left.

“Because of the political, cultural and philosophical gap between Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel, the city still needs to develop its identity. It will take time for Telavivians to be proud of who they are.”


(coproduction: Mariia Malakh)

Asaf Mann by Yuval Regev | 15.02.16

unnamed-1 2

In an interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, architect and film director Asaf Mann discusses the inspirations, set backs and advantages of designing and building large scale projects in Israel versus Europe.

He elaborates on “reinventing what we already know” in regards to the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem, and how the Star Wars Trilogy played a major role in envisioning the Ramon International Airport.

Although juggling both careers is a struggle and “you can’t get away with anything you want in Tel Aviv,” it seems the creative trajectory and scope of Mann’s work is only expanding.

(Text by Shelly Yosha)

Ori Feinberg by Yuval Regev | 28.01.16


Ori Feinberg is the founder and director of Feinberg Projects, a Tel Aviv based contemporary art gallery. His gallery aims to represent Israeli art around the world, and bring international art to Israel.

In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcasts, he shares his thoughts about Tel Aviv’s bursting art scene. Ori’s perspective on Israeli art is largely influenced by the many years he spent studying and living in New York City.

“Israel is a much smaller market,” he explains. “It’s a lot harder to find buyers here. That’s why I dedicate a lot of my effort into promoting Israeli artists around the world. That being said, I’ve been in touch with artists in New York and Berlin, they want to come here. Artists from all around the world are sending submissions to show in Tel Aviv.”

Alona Rodeh by Yuval Regev | 11.01.16


Alona is an Israeli artist based in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, Rodeh elaborates on the elements of safety studied in her exhibition ‘Safe and Sound’ (which has been presented at Berlin’s Grimmuseum and Rosenfeld Gallery in Tel Aviv). “It’s about how safety is traced in reality,” she explains, “by institutions, by the country and by private people.”

Having worked in both Tel Aviv and Berlin, Alona has a unique perspective on the differences and similarities between the two cities. These differences raise a fascinating question when it comes to the issue of security: Where do people feel more safe?

Photo by Goni Riskin

Leon Avigad by Yuval Regev | 15.12.15


Leon Avigad is the founder of Leopard Hospitality, a company that specializes in conceptualizing, creating and operating boutique hotels. In this interview with Yuval Regev for Telavivian Podcast, he shares his thoughts on the unique Tel Aviv aesthetic, explaining how it is truly different than any other place in the world.

Leon established the renowned and iconic Brown Hotel in Tel Aviv in 2010. He has recently opened a new beach-inspired hotel on the Tel Aviv coast line, and is working on several more projects throughout Israel.


Riff Cohen by Yuval Regev | 23.11.15

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Riff Cohen is a singer and songwriter based in Tel Aviv. In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, she shares stories, experiences and personal insights from a vibrant international music career. Cohen reflects on her days studying music in Paris, and elaborates on her most recognizable song – “A Paris”.

Inspired by a wide array of cultures, faiths and ethnicities, Riff Cohen’s music exceeds the limits of the Israeli music industry. She sings in French, English, Arabic and Hebrew, influencing audiences around the world with her unique and playful style.

Cohen tells us about the small nuances and contradictions that exist between French culture and her Mediterranean style. From the rhythms and beats, to the worlds of her songs, almost every choice she makes is filled with a rich cultural background. “My humor is quite Mediterranean, Parisians don’t really understand it,” she explains.

Photo by Jonathan Trichter

Hed Mayner by Yuval Regev | 10.11.15


Hed Mayner is an up-and-coming menswear designer in Tel Aviv. In an interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcast, he shares his insights on the world of Israeli fashion – where spirituality meets functionality, Jewish influences meet oriental styles, and the rugged Israeli man meets the fashion-forward European.

Hed is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and the French Institute of Design in Paris. His designs are widely celebrated, as they draw inspirations from a range Israel’s colliding aesthetics.


Khader Abu-Seif by Yuval Regev | 19.10.15


Khader Abu-Seif is a copywriter and entrepreneur, born and raised in Jaffa. In an extensive interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcast he elaborates on the tensions and aspects of being a Palestinian citizen of Israel. Khader is and a known activist in the Palestinian queer community of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. His queer Arab party lines have become a huge hit in the city, inspiring both Arab and Jewish members of the LGBT community to open up to themselves and each other.

Khaders shares powerful and insightful opinions on coexistence within the LGBT community, as well as out of it. His cheerful, optimistic, yet not delusional views are a breath of fresh air, especially in these difficult days of violence between Jews and Arabs.

Nurit Koniak by Yuval Regev | 11.08.15


Nurit Koniak is a prominent Israeli designer specializing in branding, art direction and graphic design. In an extensive interview with Yuval Regev for Telavivian podcast she shares her unique perspective on Tel Aviv’s design world, reflecting on what it means to be a creator in a city with so little boundaries.

“People here are hungry for innovation,” claims Nurit. In her eyes, Tel Aviv’s blatant lack of a firm base and a clear heritage is what sets the city’s design scene apart from the rest. She explains how the youngness of the city has allowed for such a wide array voices to be heard, addressing international trends that have swiftly made their way into Tel Aviv.

Nurit compares Tel Aviv to Copenhagen, in which she recently visited, drawing surprising similarities between the two cities. She shares her personal thoughts and feelings on Tel Aviv’s rare assets, while acknowledging the components that still need to be improved.

Koniak also elaborates on what creativity means to her, stressing the importance of dreaming as a crucial part of the creative process. She shares her personal inspirations and discusses the way she pushes her team and her students to think big and reach out of the box with their designs.


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