Khader Abu-Seif

by Yuval Regev | 19.10.15


Khader Abu-Seif is a copywriter and entrepreneur, born and raised in Jaffa. In an extensive interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcast he elaborates on the tensions and aspects of being a Palestinian citizen of Israel. Khader is and a known activist in the Palestinian queer community of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. His queer Arab party lines have become a huge hit in the city, inspiring both Arab and Jewish members of the LGBT community to open up to themselves and each other.

Khaders shares powerful and insightful opinions on coexistence within the LGBT community, as well as out of it. His cheerful, optimistic, yet not delusional views are a breath of fresh air, especially in these difficult days of violence between Jews and Arabs.


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