Ori Feinberg

by Yuval Regev | 28.01.16


Ori Feinberg is the founder and director of Feinberg Projects, a Tel Aviv based contemporary art gallery. His gallery aims to represent Israeli art around the world, and bring international art to Israel.

In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcasts, he shares his thoughts about Tel Aviv’s bursting art scene. Ori’s perspective on Israeli art is largely influenced by the many years he spent studying and living in New York City.

“Israel is a much smaller market,” he explains. “It’s a lot harder to find buyers here. That’s why I dedicate a lot of my effort into promoting Israeli artists around the world. That being said, I’ve been in touch with artists in New York and Berlin, they want to come here. Artists from all around the world are sending submissions to show in Tel Aviv.”


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