Riff Cohen

by Yuval Regev | 23.11.15

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Riff Cohen is a singer and songwriter based in Tel Aviv. In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, she shares stories, experiences and personal insights from a vibrant international music career. Cohen reflects on her days studying music in Paris, and elaborates on her most recognizable song – “A Paris”.

Inspired by a wide array of cultures, faiths and ethnicities, Riff Cohen’s music exceeds the limits of the Israeli music industry. She sings in French, English, Arabic and Hebrew, influencing audiences around the world with her unique and playful style.

Cohen tells us about the small nuances and contradictions that exist between French culture and her Mediterranean style. From the rhythms and beats, to the worlds of her songs, almost every choice she makes is filled with a rich cultural background. “My humor is quite Mediterranean, Parisians don’t really understand it,” she explains.

Photo by Jonathan Trichter


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