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Tali Kushnir

by Yuval Regev | 22.07.16


Tali Kushnir is one of Tel Aviv’s first and most prominent vintage collectors who used to be the owner of the iconic vintage clothing store “Hamachteret”. In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian podcast, Kushnir talks about her one of a kind Israeli clothing collection, dating back to the early 20th century. She explains how clothing can tell the story of a nation and reflect on the values and trends of each period in its development.

After closing her store in 2011 Tali started working alongside one of Israeli’s top fashion designers – Durin Frankfurt. Last year she designed and launched her first independent clothing line: Blue Collar, inspired by vintage Israeli styles.

“I’m a young person that is interested in an older look. I’m not interested in looking young and I don’t get stressed out from every white hair or wrinkle, on the contrary. Older people appreciate my clothing. They come from a time when it was really important to get dressed when you leave the house, look proper and present yourself in a certain way.”

Photo by Izabela Mac Van.

(Coproduction: Mariia Malakh)


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