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Vardit Gross

by Yuval Regev | 14.06.16


Vardit Gross was declared by Time Out Tel Aviv as one of the 100 most influential people in Israeli culture. She is a curator, a producer and an art critic, who spent six years as the main art correspondent for Yediot Ahronot. In this interview with Yuval Regev for the Telavivian Podcast, Vardit touches on an array of topics regarding Tel Aviv’s bustling art scene.

Gross is currently the director of Artport, an art center and residency program based in south Tel Aviv. “Tel Aviv’s south where art is happening now,” she explains. “Cultures are meeting in south Tel Aviv. On the street you can find a hipster artists, a refugee and a Palestinian, it gives you the feeling of normality; like Israel can be a place where everyone just lives together and works together.”

Vardit has spent much of her life writing about art and curating it. When asked about the feeling of art being a “high class bubble” she answered:

“People feel detached from the art world because they feel like there is some secret they don’t understand. But once you let go of that, and once you just look and feel, you may discover that it’s not as sophisticated as you think.”

(Coproduction: Mariia Malakh)


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