Pretty it Up with Knobbly Studio

by Joy Bernard | 02.11.15

A charmed walk down the sun-lit streets of Mitcham Noga, the new and bubbly artists’ quarter of southern Tel Aviv, provides a perfect opportunity to go urban treasure-hunting. One of the treasures to be found is Knobbly Studio, an intimate and intriguing jewelry store.

Every item showcased in this unique studio- from a gentle-looking perforated ring to a sculptural cuff to stylish, geometric hoop earrings- is handmade by an extremely talented team, managed by designer Gittit Szwarc. “All items from my studio are almost exclusively from locally sourced materials,” she tells, before proceeding to explain how she develops the design for each of the beautiful items in her store: “To me, the most fascinating aspect of jewelry is the way it interacts with the human form.”

A good look at the studio’s newest collection, Line+Surface, is a modestly pretty example of Szwarc’s approach. Inspired by luxurious sportswear and lending an air of elegant and sweet charm, the jewels are a fusion of metal, polished surfaces and sharp angles but still give off a minimalist and feminine feel.

Knobbly Studio - Crop - Line+Surface Ear Cuff

Knobbly Studio - Crop - Polaris Necklace

Knobbly Studio - Model - Chip Studs 2

Knobbly Studio - Model - Grid+Lever Necklace + Weekday Bracelet

Knobbly Studio - Model - Polaris Earrings

Knobbly Studio - Model - Polaris Necklace + Line+Surface Ear Cuff 2

Knobbly Studio - Model - Polaris Necklace + Perforated Ear Cuff

Knobbly Studio - Model - Polaris ring

Knobbly Studio - Model - Weekday Bracelet 3

Knobbly Studio - Model - Weekday Bracelet

Knobbly Studio - Model - Weekday Hoops 4

Knobbly Studio - Still Life - Flat Lay

Knobbly Studio - Still Life - Necklace and Ring

Knobbly Studio - Still Life - Ring Cones

Knobbly Studio - Still Life - Yma Bracelet


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