Raya Manobla

by Jenna Romano | 31.08.17

Raya Manobla is a contemporary Israeli artist who is classically trained, but moving in directions that are anything but. The unique painter began her artistic education at Bezalel Academy in 1998, and completed her education under the guidance of Israel Herschberg at the Jerusalem Studio School. Manobla finished the highly regarded Masters Class at JSS, a training that consists of four years of intensely studying the abstract make up of the human body (with live models) and nature through drawing and painting.

Manobla has certainly mastered this approach to her art works in theory and in practice—using her meticulous technical skills, the artist creates abstract manifestations of works that contain encrypted symbols, often with a quasi-religious and riddle like manner. The artist’s growing oeuvre presents paintings of oil, drawings from pen and marker, readymades and wall sculptures.

The Jerusalem-based artist will make her Tel Aviv debut in a solo exhibition titled Hurly Burly—a reference spoken by one of the witches in the opening scene of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that proclaims commotion and uproar. The exhibition will present works whose messages are hidden and subtle, a manifestation of the artists unique process, which demands a fresh look at the act of painting, and a readiness to make changes until Manobla herself feels the work is complete.

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Hurly Burly will open on August 31 at 19:30. The Artists’ House, Alcharizi St., Tel Aviv. | Artists’ House on Facebook


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