Reuven Israel

by Alison Roberts | 24.03.16

In his latest exhibition, Formula, Reuven Israel displays his appreciation for the authentic in addition to his thoughtful understanding of the human experience. Working with sculpture as his medium of choice, Israel’s structures are inviting and familiar, as the figures remind us of our youthful possessions.

SBMLD4, 2014, Copper coated steel rods and painted MDF, 244x30.5x30.5 cm

Superficially, Israel’s sculptures are illusionary. Disguised as being composed from a myriad of materials, Israel has truthfully manipulated one single material, offering only the delusion of diversity. Choosing to be outwardly honest regarding his aesthetic misrepresentation, Israel titles his exhibition Formula, suggestive of the fact that the works act as a substitute – a replacement of the real.

Formula3, 2016, Copper coated steel rod and painted MDF, 244x40x26 cm

While tactically using the sculptures’ playful exteriors to draw the audience in, the artist’s acknowledgement of deception unconsciously guides the audience to interact with the works beyond the surface level. Formula opens March 24th at 20:00. The exhibition runs through April 28th.

Braverman Gallery,  Hasharon St 12B., Tel Aviv.
Opening hours: Tue – Thu 11am -7pm, Fri-Sat 11am – 2pm.


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