Roni Hajaj

by Telavivian | 06.04.17

Written by Sharon Brand.

If you are looking to connect to really beautiful and intense art in Tel Aviv, look no further than Roni Hajaj! Born in 1976, Roni Hajaj works and has always lived in Tel Aviv.

Hajaj focuses on costume design, painting, fashion and music using a variety of material and processes such as installation, collage, printmaking and visual media—the artist always makes sure to combine her audience’s views and thoughts in interesting way.

Hajaj’s artwork has been shown in major centers such as the JCC and Laba Centre in New York, as well as Raw Art Gallery in Israel. The artist has won many awards due to her installations that are incredibly detailed and well composed.

Her current exhibition, A Foot, Tops is being show at RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv and includes her latest works of paintings on canvas, paper and wood that includes intense colors, shapes and patterns of all sorts.







“A Foot, Tops” is on view until May 6th, 2017 at Raw Art Gallery, Shvil Ha-Merets, 03-683-2559.
Author Sharon Brand is currently studying communications at IDC Herziliya and founder of

Photo credit: Lena Gomon


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