Roy Dahan /// Crush

by David Pearl | 09.06.13

Every Sunday holds a promise for new beginnings. A fresh start to the rest of our lives or at least for the rest of the weekend… So it’s important to start it with a good song.

Roy Dahan is back with a new song from his forthcoming second album “The Man in My Head”. His debut album “Some of This Life” came out two years ago and introduced to us a new singer-songwriter full of emotions and heart-warming songs, complete with an album that can easily be described as perfection. His new song “Crush” takes off from where the first album stopped, musically and lyrically. Before, it was about someone that’s trying to wake himself up and move himself into the outside world. Now it is about a person questioning the world and himself and looking for the right answers and the right place to be. The beautiful and guitar-driven song takes us on Roy’s journey of his search for life’s answers, with the hope of finding some answers for ourselves too.

Listen to “Crush” below and CATCH him performing at the “Barby” (June 24).


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