Sasha Nassar

by Telavivian | 13.02.17


The talented young Jaffa born designer Sasha Nassar has the ability to express her sense of fashion in the most unique way. Not only did Nassar win a prize at the London Graduate Fashion Week International Show for her fascinating work—she left many people in the fashion world simply speechless.

Born in Jaffa, a Mediterranean port city, Nassar was always intrigued by fashion and truly believes that it is a way for every individual to express its liberty and diversity. Growing up in this antique but modern setting of Jaffa, she watched how thousands of people could define who they were through what they wear.

Indeed, Nassar’s SS17 collection lives through a delicate combination of the differences between her hometown Jaffa and her current daily life in Paris.

The young designer is now collaborating with Arianna Engelberg for The New Denim Project, and you can view Sasha’s latest collections here. Written by Sharon Brand

2Untitled Session1591

1Untitled Session1166

5Untitled Session1456

4Untitled Session1183


6Untitled Session1618


11Untitled Session1718RT

10Untitled Session1321

13Untitled Session1503

18Untitled Session1731


20Untitled Session1462

19Untitled Session1574

20Untitled Session1462RT

To view more of Sasha Nassar’s designs, click here.

Writer Sharon Brand is the founder of Brand Travels and a communications student at IDC, Herziliya. 

Photo credit: Dan Spigelman


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