Sharon Gesthalter /// Great Expectations

by David Pearl | 29.07.14

In the endless search after some piece of mind it’s always nice to find some piece of great music that can ease my mind when dark days are visiting.

Sharon Gesthalter‘s debut album “Promised Land” is like a pill that can take away all your worries and pain with its’ 12 beautiful songs all written and composed by Sharon herself and produced and arranged by the amazing Roy Dahan. She started to take piano lessons from Roy and this is what awaken the songs that was asleep inside of her, overwhelmed and with internal dialogue she started to create her songs feeling like the whole experience “Clicked on the play button of my soul and cracked the stone from which water came pouring” as she noted. You can actually hear her soul on each song and feel how it’s peeling layers from one note to another and one song to the following one until you can hear the whole beauty pouring into your ears.

CATCH Sharon performing live at “Bar Giora” on the 30th of July and listen to “Great Expectations” and “Promised Land” below.


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