Sharon Zargary

by Jenna Romano | 12.06.17

Sharon Zargary is a Tel Avivian artist working with multiple mediums and narratives. Zargary’s works are concentrated using a multitude of symbols, text and images that allude to a narrow, pop cultured version of masculinity. The artist serves this content to his audiences carefully, critically and most importantly—with a side of humour!

Zargary’s latest exhibition Just Kill Me at HaYarkon 19 galleryfor example, featured paintings and sculptures of lost male action heroes juxtaposed with those of feminine body parts. These images have an affinity to dominant but unfounded cultural narratives and together they attempt to reconcile these with the mico-narratives of an individual. The combination of the artist’s works create a theatrical space, actively engaging his viewers with an act of plastic art poetry.

Zergary was awarded the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s 2003 Excellence Award. He also studied at Cooper Union institution in New York and specialized in sculpture at the BRERA Academy in Milan, Italy. In 2007 he won a video scholarship from the Joshua Rabinovich Foundation.

רמבו וקופים


מבט עם חשתקפות

מבט כללי מצד ימין

במה ממבט כניסה

Photo credit: Elinor Solomon


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