Sharona Eliassaf “Making Ends Meet”

by Roseanne Tabachnik | 30.10.16

Growing up between two different cities, artist Sharona Eliassaf has always been inspired by the intersection of different cultures, languages and customs.


Each body of Eliassaf’s work possesses its own unique story, influenced by various texts and images from around the world. While the 36-year-old artist’s work captures deeply personal experiences from her past, her oil on canvas paintings are intended to be open to interpretation—taking viewers to a place within their own imagination.



Eliassaf’s first solo exhibition at the Hezi Cohen Gallery in South Tel Aviv, entitled Making Ends Meet, portrays the juxtaposition between two foreign worlds, specifically Tel Aviv and New York City.


The exhibition, comprised of eleven pieces, nine of which were made in Israel, showcases the cultural differences experienced when moving between different places. These nuances are depicted by different textures, pigments and shapes. While Eliassaf doesn’t plan the color palette or design beforehand, each piece comes together to form a continuous collection of work. Making Ends Meet is now on display and will run through November 26th.



Sharona Eliassaf’s solo show “Making Ends Meet” will be on view at Hezi Cohen gallery until November 26th.
Hezi Cohen Gallery, 54 Wolfson Street, Tel Aviv. 03-639-8788. Mon-Thurs 10:30-19:30, Fri 10:00-14:00, Sat 11:00-14:00.


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