Shelly & Rotem

by Shani Barzilay | 11.11.15

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The feminine duo Shelly & Rotem (SANDR) create much curiosity in the Tel Avivian Indie music scene. With minimal tools – but with ultimate synergy – they create music that is deep and alluring. Their sound, carried by dreamy melodies and hypnotizing electro-acoustic productions, corresponds on the one-hand with major Indie sounds such as Bon Iver, and on the other-hand, is unique, as Shelly & Rotem give it their own local and female touch.

Shelly & Rotem incite discussion for their major success at such young age (not even 21!), and are sometimes called “the princesses” of the local indie scene. Don’t make this mistake – these are super talented musicians who work hard to perform, and release their own materials and creative musical arrangements (Yeah Yeah Yeah, Tame Impala). They recently performed at the major Israeli indie music festival, “INDnegev”, and keep surprising us with interesting projects lined ahead.

Shelly & Rotem will perform on November 13th, 9pm, at Levontin 7 as part of Tune in Tel Aviv music festival.


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