Shirly Halperin

by Telavivian | 25.05.17

Written by Sharon Brand

Simplicity at its finest: this is how Shirly Halperin should be known! The clothing line that offers quality summer clothing for the upcoming season is truly simple, minimalist and effortlessly chic and elegant. Flowy shirts by the designer go along perfectly with the hot Israeli temperature, and if you’re too lazy to find the perfect shorts and shirt combination, you can always shop for dresses that have the perfect pastel colour trend for this season and those perfect side pockets that we all love!

Though this brand omits studs, embroideries, glitter and prints, you can never go wrong with simple chic. So, if you’re sure you want be trendy this summer, turn to  Shirly Halperin’s clothing, the designer has definitely proved herself  to be on the top of our list!






18698986_10158736424870652_1236225141_o | Facebook | Instagram: @shirlyhalperin

Photo credit: Dana Keren


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