Stinky Russians

by Telavivian | 05.04.16

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Born out of a punk band, the Stinky Russians are the creation of architect and illustrator Kiril Cherikover, and Boris Fabrikant a photographer and art teacher.

Experimentally floating amongst genres, the Stinky Russians incorporate stimulating rhythms, bass guitars, the aesthetics of Giallo films and disco, describing themselves as ‘not just house music’. Kiril explains their sound as ‘Blondie eating chips from a huge swimming pool whilst litres of ketchup are falling from the sky’, if you can envisage that.

The Stinky Russians are currently working on their material and look to release it in 2017. In the meantime, they are working on recording compilations of music that inspire them, such as their Bedroom Dancing Mix, breaking the traditional rules of genres.You can check out the Stinky Russians on Facebook, Soundcloud or regularly live at The Breakfast Club, Tel Aviv.

Facebook | Soundcloud

Written by Bam Miller


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