Raanan Stern

by Lotte Beilin | 03.07.16

Studio Raanan Stern is a young Tel Aviv based design studio, developing architectural and interior design projects in a wide range of environments. They engage in issues of creativity and knowledge, realism and imagination, function and culture!

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The studio gives the full architectural service—from identifying spaces and potential, design and preliminary sketches, technical work plans, procurement, interior design, branding and full on-site architectural supervision. They focus on residential and commercial projects nationally (mostly in Tel Aviv), although they have recently branched out of the Middle East and are working on two projects in the US and Europe.

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Currently, they are working on constructing a new concept for temporary urban parks in Israel in conjunction with the City Hall of Tel Aviv. Maintaining comfort, practice and maximum function is their ethos, and Studio Ranaan Stern believes in the highest level of design to maintain this. 
Written by Lotte Beilin

www.raananstern.comFacebook | Instagram: @Iamstern



Photo credit: Gideon Levin


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