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by Itay Blaish | 02.10.14

Swift was founded by Michal Fierstein and Roni Yeheskel. The brand specialises in lifestyle textile products made to create a range of complementary items for home décor and fashion, naturally linking two aesthetic fields in the designers’ daily lives. When they opened Swift they wanted to revive the handcrafted textile, using traditional techniques in a clean modern design. Working handmade has allowed them to pay attention to small details and effect tones and diversity. Fierstein and Yeheskel use techniques such as silkscreen printing, tie-dye and dip-dye, block printing and wool felting; All of these techniquea make each of Swift’s pieces a one of a kind. Working on Swift is not only about the textiles, they also do their own marketing and distribution, styling and directing during photo-shoots and take a great part in the branding process.

I had the chance to ask Michal Fierstein and Roni Yeheskel a few quick questions about them and their brand.

Can you tell me more about you and how did it all started?
We both graduated Shenkar College from the Textile Design Department (2013) and met on the loom during second year. Weaving was our specialism and each of us found interest in a different weaving process; While Michal investigated hand intervention on the industrial loom, Roni tried to break the limits of the traditional hand loom. Mutual aesthetics was the thing that connected us. After working on a shared project during our third year, we already knew that our paths would cross again under different circumstances. Independence was always important to us when it comes to creativity and the mutual journey started earlier than we expected, right after graduating.

What inspires you?
Most of our inspiration is drawn from our varied environment. Israel is a melting pot for cultures and new vs old, and so is Swift- we combine traditional handcrafted techniques with modern fresh design. The aesthetics are very typical for both of us, we developed it in different ways before and during school, and that’s one of the things that linked us in the first place. The designs of the items are influenced by research of shapes and textures which are then expressed graphically and through their physical assembly. In addition we keep updated on what is happening outside of our specific design niche, and no doubt that art, on its many branches, is a great influence on our work.

What are your plans for the brand in the future?
Right now we are on search for a workshop studio which will increase our productivity and enable us to dedicate more to Swift. We would love to keep working handmade even when we work on larger volumes. Collaboration is something we believe in, with hands that work with different materials the same way we work with textile. Our wish is to collaborate with both local and foreign designers. We never stop learning new things about our field and are always looking for new materials and techniques since we both enjoy challenges and look forward to the next adventure.

You can find The Swift collection at the Etsy shop:

or at these shops:

Tema shop
Sarafan showroom
Aviva zilberman
First and second [Alkmaar, Netherlands]

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