Talia Beck

by Telavivian | 04.09.17

Written by Leah Sushelsky

Talia Beck is a mover and a shaker. Deemed as one of Tel Aviv’s most creative and innovative Israeli choreographers, Beck is adding her own spin to the Israeli performing arts scene.

Beck’s work has been described as ‘breathtakingly beautiful, interesting and surprising, but it also possess an added value because at the piece’s deepest layer there is humility, respect, ethics and humaneness’.

Beck’s most recent work is a piece called W, which premiered in January 2016 at The Kelim Center for Choreography. W brings together two characters in a fluid and deceiving maze, blending different planes of time and consciousness, like a sheet of paper folded in different directions over and over again—yet always remaining what it was.



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Photo Credit: Gadi Dagon


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