Tamar Eisenman /// Nothing (Klum Lo)

by David Pearl | 16.09.14

Sometimes you need to go far away to eventually come back to what’s really familiar and close to you finding a shelter in that place.

That is what happened to the singer-songwriter, producer and guitar phenomena Tamar Eisenman who released 3 albums (plus one EP) in English and now she’s going to release her forthcoming album, the first one in Hebrew, and somehow it feels and sounds like the natural thing to do for her. Her famous guitar abilities are still there and her fine energy is also there but suddenly the language is different. Hebrew it a tough language to sing and you must know how to master it and Tamar is mastering the lyrics perfectly and her voice gives to the song its’ final great touch. Soon the album will be out and meanwhile she’s finished yet another album in English and touring with her great songs. It’s hard to not totally fall in love with a strong woman and her guitar.

You can CATCH her performing (along side DJ Yoav Arnon) today (16.09) at Abraxas Bar as part of the “ABSOLUT TRIPLE” nights that connects Musician with DJ’s in a new way to create a special and one-night-only show.


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