Tamar Hirschfeld

by Telavivian | 15.03.17

Written by Sharon Brand.

We are all aware that art is everywhere in Israel—and Tamar Hirschfeld is one artist in particular who lives and works in Tel Aviv that we’d like to highlight. She has had plenty of artwork exhibited in multiple cities around the world; such as Paris, New York and Nice. Hirschfeld works with screening and interactive videos that really changes the art world in a fantastic way.

Hirschfeld’s paintings are recognizable due to an exquisite style that includes various colors, shapes, patterns and always includes a mixture of a new, colorful modern world. The artist works and paints different famous personas and always incorporates a theme of peace that includes rainbows, peace signs and flowers.

Hirschfeld has won many honors, prizes and rewards—such as the Leumi Bank prize—for her video art and experimental films.

גואש על אנציקלופדיה

Wedding, 2007, 30x70x40cm, mini trees, LED lights, soil

The Northern Light 1

the fingers


Skull, 2006, 120x80cm, oil on canvas

photo3 copy2

photo2 copy2

Mini RGB, 2010, lights, pot, plant

It's all too much 4



doughnuts | Vimeo

Writer Sharon Brand is the founder of Brand Travels and a communications student at IDC, Herziliya. 


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