by Anna Kopito | 19.02.20

Founded in 2012, Telavivian started out as an online magazine covering the cultural scene of Tel Aviv. Featuring stories about the local architecture, art, fashion, design, music and food scenes, we have aimed to showcase the people, places and projects that make Tel Aviv what it is. Now, we are taking this conversation to the next level as we launch the first edition of Telavivian Journal.

What defines our city? What are the shapes, sounds and smells that tell its story? Who are the ones making the waves?

We asked nine Tel Avivian writers to give us their perspective, and have chosen 70 photos by local and visiting photographers. Finally, we asked photographer Dor Kedmi to capture moments in some of our favorite restaurants, shops, cafes, hotels and bars. With the help of these words and visuals we wish to get closer to a conclusion.

Tel Aviv is a young city, in the midst of shaping its identity. We believe now is the perfect time to document its current state, and capture it as it takes on new directions.

Our dream is that Telavivian Journal will be an annual publication, and that in 10 years we will be able to see Tel Aviv develop throughout the years with each edition.

We are happy that you are joining the ride.

Anna Kopito, Founder of Telavivian


You can buy the copy online here:

And in selected shops in Tel Aviv:
Delicatessen on Yehuda Halevy St 79/81
Hamigdalor on Mikve Israel St 18
Meshek Barzilay on Ahad Haam St 6
Sipur Pashut on Shabazi St 36
and Telavivian and DRGA’s office in the courtyard on Mazeh St 9. Every day between 10-16. We accept bit/paypal/cash.


TELAVIVIAN JOURNAL consists of 136 pages of images and 28 pages of text.

There are three covers; the flowers by Boris Fabrikant, the Bauhaus by Noam Preisman, and the legs in the sand by Alina Asmus.

Editor-in-Chief: Anna Kopito
Art director: Aurore Chauve
Copy Editor: Aimee Millwood

Writers: Amir Egozy, Dan Shadur, Gili Merin, Joshua Simon, Maayan Goldman, Nissan Shor, Nurit Koniak, Ruthie Rousso, Sahar Shalev

Photographers: Alina Asmus, Alon Shastel, Amit Geron, Antonia Lang, Asaf Einy, Aviad Bar Ness, Boaz Aharonovitch, Boris Fabrikant, Dafy Hagai, Dana Zelig, Daniel Jackont, David Adika, Dor Kedmi, Dor Sharon, Doron Rabina, Dudi Hasson, Eliana Golomb, Etty Schwartz, Eyal Nevo, Eyal Shani, Fima Shlick, Goni Riskin, Idan Simon, Jossef Krispel, Lihi Binyamin, Mayan Toledano, Merav Ben Loulou, Michael Liani, Michal Chelbin, Mikaela Burstow, Miri Davidovitz, Nadav Yahalomi, Niv Rozenberg, Noam Preisman, Rami Maymon, Roni Hajaj, Teddy Cohen, Tom Kneller, Tom Marshak, Yael Bartana

Telavivian Journal is an annual magazine published by Telavivian. This edition was made in collaboration with DRGA Group.



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