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The Best Local Fashion Design Shops

by Telavivian | 27.12.15

There is more to a garment – a story – when it is created by an independent fashion brand. Tel Aviv’s fashion scene keeps growing, with new talented designers, interesting ideas and developments. During your next visit shopping in Tel Aviv, be sure to check out these local brands – and if you are lucky, you might even meet the designers themselves in their stores.

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AVIVA ZILBERMAN. Aviva Zilberman’s researched smart cuts and clean fashion designs showcase the body in a sophisticated, organic and playful way. With her considerable focus and dedication, the collections are always timeless and elegant. The boutique alone, with its constantly updated gorgeous window display, is always worth a visit.
Melchett Street 23. 03.641.1682. Facebook.


BOUTIQUE 5. A cool neighborhood boutique off the beaten track, Boutique 5 features a carefully curated selection of the best local and foreign brands.If you’re looking for a place to find the hippest brands in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, Boutique 5 is the place for evening wear, jewelry, shoes and perfect everyday pieces.

Lincoln Street 5 03.562.3391. Instagram.


COMME IL FAUT. This is an alternative concept store with fashion, art, design and a women only spa, selling Comme Il Faut’s own collection as well as other Israeli and international designers.

Situated right on the port with a view of the sea, Comme il Faut is a spectacle for all shoppers – women and men. Stunning designs are matched with everything from clothes and accessories to books, art and even sex toys.

Hangar 26 03.602.0521.


GERTRUD. Focusing on natural fabrics and romantic fashions, Gertrud specializes in creating exquisite and unique lingerie, eveningwear and casual options. The high attention to detail and time spent on each design make the collection a worthwhile addition to the Tel Aviv scene.

Rothschild Boulevard 1 03.523.9902.

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HOKO. Designed by Hagit Hazan, Hoko’s a stylish, sophisticated and feminine take on women’s wear with interesting shapes and draping which are particularly Tel Avivian. Grounded in minimalist architecture and the graphic world, Hagit specializes in creating the perfect flattering cut for every woman.

Sgula Street 6. 050.746.1125. Facebook.


JULLIETT. Julliett is a women’s wear fashion label that offers chic and clean-cut designs; casual clothing that channels classic, feminine and fresh silhouettes while maintaining a modern aesthetic. By combining superior quality with a delightfully unique sense of style, Julliett presents a finely balanced collection, including stand-alone pieces with unique and definitive touches.

Sgula Street 9. 050.694.4101. Facebook.


MAYA BASH. Offering a sleek and fabulous collection, designer Maya Bash is known for her smart deconstructed fashion where she takes familiar silhouettes and breaks the rules of standard cuts. The collection maintains a minimalist design whilst offering something cutting edge and interesting. Maya Bash isn’t interested in fussy details and excessive adornments; she designs pieces that focus on her particular talents with unique shapes.

Barzilay Street 13. 03.560.0305.

מאיה נגרי - צילום לם וליץ סטודיו (16)

MAYA NEGRI. Maya Negri designs fresh and modern clothing for women – collections of style, femininity and confidence, with true Israeli flair. Her style nods towards modern design with interesting cuts and fabrics but whilst maintaining a gorgeous womanly effect.
Rothschild Boulevard 1. 03.642.0748.


MAYU. This boutique has been selling curated selection of items by Israeli, European and Japanese designers since 2007, and now – due to high customer demand – has developed its own line of clothing that carries the Mayu name. Mayu, located in Neve Tzedek, sells clothing that the body will enjoy – in which you can move freely and look sleek while being comfortable. You are advised to take a moment and truly appreciate the uniqueness of each garment.

Shabazi Street 15. 03.516.6975.


MYKI. Myki is a small and intimate boutique put together by Israeli fashion designer Maya Zukerman, a store where you can find her minimalist and contemporary women’s wear designs. Alongside Zukerman’s own collection, a meticulously handpicked group of international designers from Japan, Europe, America and Israel are showcasing their designs.

Rabin Square 7. 03.527.3992.


LIMITED BY RONEN CHEN. Founded in 2014 by well loved Israeli fashion designer, Ronen Chen, limited is a unique adventure in fashion that combines a variety of limited editions and one-off pieces. Ronen Chen’s style is inspired by works of architecture, geometric shapes, origami and a long love of the color black and tone-on-tone aesthetics.

Dizengoff Street 155. 054.303.0589.


RONI BAR. Roni Bar’s versatile design is characterized by androgynous style and geometric patterns, as she experiments with shape, volume, proportions and the tension between masculinity and femininity. Her avant-garde urban style and monochromatic shade palette – with splashes of bright color – are chic and sophisticated and well known around Tel Aviv.

Bialik Street 2. 03.629.4662.

Photos by Sarale Gur-Lavy, Yoav Shelaff, Nele Tüch, and Jenny Schweber.

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